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The Secret to a faster Metabolism: High Intensity Interval Training

Lately, I’ve gotten addicted to running. Any well rounded exercise program MUST INCLUDE CARDIO. Yet there’s plenty of noise about how running is bad for your joints and knees and hips. BUT unless you have an injury OR run marathons regularly, running a few times a week can be a great (and safe) way to get you closer to your weight loss and fitness goals. It really is an excellent way to burn the hell out of some calories. AND you don’t have to run a zillion miles to see results.

The best and fastest way to see weight loss results through running is High Intensity Interval (HIT) training. This utilizes both the anaerobic (quick bursts of energy) and aerobic systems (sustained use of energy over time) in the body. The best part is that in just 20-minutes you can get metabolic rewards that last for up to 24-hours!  

For several weeks now I’ve been running at 5.0 for up to 45 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week. My goal was to get comfortable with running again after a long hiatus (barre workouts are THAT addicting). Now that I’m conditioned, it’s time to integrate some HIT into my training.

Check out this amazing infographic on the different HIT methods out there. Be sure to listen to your body and choose one that’s appropriate for your fitness level.

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Sugar: The Enemy of Skinny!


You mean that fruit flavored yogurt isn’t good for me? What about that Gatorade? Or that granola bar? Or that cinnamon flavored oatmeal packet? Foods often billed as “healthy” can pack a major sugar rush. Unfortunately, there’s no daily requirement for sugar in the human diet. We just DO NOT NEED IT to survive. In fact, it’s a healthy diet saboteur for sure. While some carbohydrates are necessary to fuel the body you can get all the carbs you need from from fruits and veggies. Next time you have a sweet tooth, skip the lemon meringue yogurt and reach for an apple.