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The Secret to a faster Metabolism: High Intensity Interval Training

Lately, I’ve gotten addicted to running. Any well rounded exercise program MUST INCLUDE CARDIO. Yet there’s plenty of noise about how running is bad for your joints and knees and hips. BUT unless you have an injury OR run marathons regularly, running a few times a week can be a great (and safe) way to get you closer to your weight loss and fitness goals. It really is an excellent way to burn the hell out of some calories. AND you don’t have to run a zillion miles to see results.

The best and fastest way to see weight loss results through running is High Intensity Interval (HIT) training. This utilizes both the anaerobic (quick bursts of energy) and aerobic systems (sustained use of energy over time) in the body. The best part is that in just 20-minutes you can get metabolic rewards that last for up to 24-hours!  

For several weeks now I’ve been running at 5.0 for up to 45 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week. My goal was to get comfortable with running again after a long hiatus (barre workouts are THAT addicting). Now that I’m conditioned, it’s time to integrate some HIT into my training.

Check out this amazing infographic on the different HIT methods out there. Be sure to listen to your body and choose one that’s appropriate for your fitness level.

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The Complete Guide to Interval Training

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Dailey Intervals: Why you shouldn’t miss it

Found of the Dailey Method, Jill Dailey

Found of the Dailey Method, Jill Dailey

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a special Dailey Method class taught by the founder, Jill Dailey. This new class is called Dailey Intervals and takes the traditional Dailey Method principle of alignment and combines it in a simplified, faster paced class for 45-minutes of calorie torching awesomeness.

Not only did I get to partake in this new and killer workout, but I got to meet Jill Dailey herself! She’s a fit and petite woman, but don’t let her size fool you. Muscles rippled her arms and every other part of her, but like all of Dailey Method Venice’s lovely teachers, she retains a feminine and graceful quality. Also, check out how totally FLAT her tummy is in the picture above. Inspiring!

When I asked another member of the Dailey Method team about what sets Dailey Intervals apart she explained:

“Dailey Interval combines the toning and strength benefits of a mixed class with the addition of cardiovascular and endurance training. It was created to achieve the body’s optimum calorie burning rate in a 45-minute period with the long term benefit of cardiovascular strength and health. Students wanting an increased caloric burn will benefit from both the alignment and form principles but in a faster paced class.”

Me & Jill Dailey

Me & Jill Dailey

And after just one class, I was feeling that faster pace. There was more sweat and there was less time to think, but I left knowing that I had pushed my body a little harder, but had been kind to it all the same. While anyone can do Dailey Intervals, it’s recommended that you take several regular Dailey sessions first to familiarize yourself with the alignment principles.

For more information and class times visit The Dailey Method Venice’s website.

Workout Wednesdays: Fitness Fashion Show!

Starting now, I’m calling Wednesday, Workout Wednesdays! What better way to celebrate Workout Wednesday (other than actually working out, of course) then with some photos from last week’s Digital LA: Startup Fashion Show. For years, I’ve had the idea that fitness fashion needs to be edgier. I’m happy to see that two Los Angeles fitness fashion houses have stepped up so I don’t have to (not yet at least!). Check out the slideshow below, the first shots are from Ellie. I’ll be getting a sample outfit to review in the coming weeks and can’t wait to see how their gear fits! The second set of photos are from the unbelievably stylish Carbon38. Their goal is to “elevate fitness to the level of high fashion.” I’m certainly ready to take my workout wear a little bit higher, aren’t you? See more from the event here.

Are you a barre beginner? Wisdom from a Dailey Method teacher.


Co-owner of TDM Venice shows us how it's done.

Co-owner of TDM Venice shows us how it’s done.

If you’ve visited this blog before you’ll know that I am a barre addict. I have seen isometric barre based exercises transform my body and help me to master the one thing I never thought possible, a man style push-up! All while maintaining a feminine and lean physique. One of my favorite variations of this challenging, but effective workout is The Dailey Method (TDM).

I’ll be the first to admit that the strength and flexibility of barre teachers and fellow students can be intimidating. You might think you’ll never look as good or be as strong as they are, but you’re wrong! You CAN have the booty and belly of your dreams. To inspire you, I spoke with Tenaya Figueira, the co-owner of TDM in beautiful Venice, California to find out more about what TDM can do for you, what to remember when you’re first starting out, and what to do if there’s no TDM studio in your area.

What is your advice for someone who’s new to The Dailey Method? That first class can be so scary!

“Come in to have fun – with that attitude you can’t go wrong. I went to my first barre class with a  girlfriend and we were giggling the entire time because we couldn’t do anything. And, while we didn’t get the full benefit of the workout in that first class, we had a great time and came back that same week. 6 years later here I am!!”

Read the rest on my personal blog!


2013 – The Year of The Butt

My goal: To make this butt better in 2013!

I did it. I’m signed up for The Dailey Method Venice’s January Challenge because I’ve deemed 2013 the year of the Butt! What better way to get my butt in the best shape possible than at the barre? Not to mention that every other part of my body and mind will also benefit.

Here are my goals for the The Daily Method Venice’s (TDMV) January Challenge.

Goal #1: To complete as many classes as I can in 30 days! This will be the 3rd year that my barre obsession continues. I still believe that it, along with moderate to intense cardio a few days a week, is the BEST way to sculpt a strong, but feminine physique.

Goal #2: To get back to the barre (and stay back at it) after almost a month away from attending any barre class. Taking it easy after surgery has been great and all, but the long walks and DVDs will only take you so far. Nothing beats the hands on instruction I’ll get at TDMV!

Goal #3: To lose 2 lbs. While my dream weight might be 140 lbs., I’ve learned that setting realistic goals is the KEY to success. With that said, I weighed in today at 147 lbs. My realistic goal weight is 145 lbs.  I’d like to get there and stay there. You can burn up to 500 calories in a barre class, so I’m sure that doing it Dailey will help me reach this goal.

Goal #4: To get my booty in the best shape possible and to reduce cellulite! Eh gawd. Cellulite. With lunges and barre squats and isolated isometric bun exercises, I’m hoping that The Dailey Method Venice’s January Challenge will help smooth my saddle bags and wake my butt up for 2013. I was tempted to post a close up picture of my cellulite here, but no one is ready for that. Trust me.

While these are my physical goals, I also have personal goals (make a baby), professional goals (finish my novel!), and spiritual goals (continue to create and maintain HEALTHY relationships). What are your body and mind goals for 2013?


One Beautiful Booty

Who doesn’t want a butt like that?! I truly believe that Barre workouts are the way to get you there! Squatting in a gym full of sweaty men holding 600 lbs. over their heads can be entertaining, but I don’t want to look like a guy. I want to look like a sexy and svelte ballerina with curves in all the right places, which is exactly why I’m about to pop in a Pure Barre DVD and get tucking. See that little ledge where her butt meets her thigh? That’s the best part. That’s my motivation to push through the burn. Now get your booty to the nearest barre, whether it’s in the studio or in your living room, and I promise you’ll be that much closer to the booty of your dreams.

Jessica Simpson losing points because of Pregnancy?

US Weekly reports that Jessica Simpson is pregnant. Again. Not only does the lucky *&^%$ have a fashion empire and a lucrative contract with Weight Watchers, but she’s clearly blessed with the gift of fertility! My heart goes out to all my TTC sisters out there who might be just a tad jealous of Ms. Simpson’s latest news. Our time will come ladies.

So what does Weight Watchers (WW) have to say about all this? Well, pretty much nothing according to US.  After all, pregnancy is hardly the ideal time to be counting calories unless you’re morbidly obese and it might impair the growth of your fetus. Here’s WW’s response to the beautiful news:

“Any questions related to Jessica’s personal life can only be answered by her team,” Stephanie Schulman, Weight Watchers’ public relations manager, told E! News Wednesday. “We do not disclose financial details about our relationships with any of our ambassadors.”
Is this a cold shoulder from the women’s weight loss chain capital!? It kind of sounds like one to me. How about a congratulations? Or a cheers! Something like “This point’s on us, Jessica.” I understand the need to protect the precious corporate entity, but WW should know that women everywhere are watching to see what they’ll do next. A passive statement like the one already released, just doesn’t cut it.

So what ARE the legal ramifications when pregnancy prevents one from following through on their end of a contract? Is this considered an act of God? I know some certainly think so. Wouldn’t WW walking away from an inked deal count as pregnancy discrimination? Yet how can Jessica uphold her duties as a weight loss spokesperson while trying to grow a baby? Perhaps they’ll view her pregnancy as a 9-month hiatus or maternity leave?

Regardless, WW better proceed with caution.

After all, a  lawsuit against Sisley Cosmetics is underway because Sisley managers asked “questions about [a female employee’s] future reproductive plans who strongly implied that a second child “wouldn’t be good for her job” and all but threatened to make her “redundant” by eliminating her position.” If this is true, it’s very uncool Sisley. I don’t know how they do things in France, but in the United States pregnancy discrimination is illegal and violates Title VII of the  1964 Civil Rights Act, as amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of  1978.

Also recently, a Price is Right model prevailed in her lawsuit against the show claiming similar discrimination. She alleged that she wasn’t able to return to the show after maternity leave because she had been pregnant. The production company responsible for Price is Right hopes to appeal, claiming that the Jury wasn’t allowed to consider evidence that 40% of their models have had children.
Considering these recent lawsuits,  WW responses going forward will say a lot about the company’s culture, PR and marketing teams. I personally think they should embrace Jessica’s pregnancy and chart her progress as she nurtures her body to a healthy pregnancy weight. While caloric needs are different for expectant mothers, there’s no reason Jessica needs to gain 70 pounds this time around. WW should be able to work with that in a way that extends their reach beyond the everyday woman just trying to slim down.  No lawsuits required.

Hot Man = Motivation To Move


There are times when the inner desire to be fit and fabulous just doesn’t burn hot enough. You’re complacently jogging along at 5.0 when Hotty McHotterson jumps on next to you. Before you know it, you’re alternating between 6.0 and 7.5 like you’re trapped in a Nike commercial. While it’s totally awesome to let self-love motivate you to change, to exercise, and to adopt a healthy diet, there’s nothing wrong with a little external motivation. Whether it’s the girl with amazing buns next to you at the barre or the Daniel Craig look-alike racing you on the treadmill, find that inspiration wherever and whenever you can! Here’s to igniting the desire to go harder, faster and farther, even if you’re not the one that struck the first match.

Quit Slacking

Are you having one of those days? The kind where the couch seems like the best place to spend your time? Well challenge yourself! The couch will still be there AFTER your work out. So get up, get out, and get moving. Quit slacking and make shit happen!

Pure Barre Prenatal DVDs

I’m not pregnant (yet) but I’m counting down the days until the Pure Barre Prenatal DVDs are released.

According to November’s Pure Buzz Both DVDs will be available for purchase by Thanksgiving just in time for holiday shopping!”

As discussed in an earlier post me and my booty are big fans of doing Pure Barre from the comfort of our living room. It’s a convenient alternative to braving traffic when a Pure Barre class is far from home.  Now imagine you’re battling morning sickness and fatigue, that journey may seem even more difficult. Three cheers that Pure Barre will now offer a DVD series especially for pregnant women!

Carrie Rezabek, founder of Pure Barre, proves that staying fit during pregnancy is not only essential to keeping up the mother’s health, but can benefit the baby as well. Just look at Carrie in this picture! She’s expecting her first baby next year. Doesn’t she looks AMAZING?