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Perfection IS Possible

I have a new found respect for Gwyneth Paltrow. Where I once scoffed at her graceful cellulite-free legs as the product of good genetics (just like her movie career), I now gape in awe, mouth open and drooling with hunger. By trying the Tracy Anderson Method diet plan for just 3 days, I’ve learned that Gwyneth Paltrow, or GP, earns every ounce, or lack thereof, of that body she proudly displays on this month’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover.

For the last several years, I’ve watched my cousin in law transform just as GP has. She’s gone from beautiful blond with a few extra pounds, to beautiful blond supermodel. She’s now lean and svelte like a ballet dancer, but looks sturdy and strong. No wind will blow her over, despite long thin legs and jiggle free abs. At my Hawaii wedding this summer, she proudly thanked the Tracy Anderson Method for her body’s metamorphosis. Even my husband remarked that she looked “Hot!” Annoying, YES. But also very motivating.

I just had to try it. Read about what happened on my personal blog by clicking here!

Holiday Gift Ideas for the FitnessWhore in your life!

Two Christmas cuties in matching dresses.I’m a 31 year-old woman, but I still get excited every year when my Mommy (yes, I still call her Mommy) asks for my Christmas list.

However, I DO love gift giving just as much as  I love gift GETTING! Call me cliché if you must, but there’s just something about watching someone you love unwrap or un-bag (hey, gift bags are easy AND eco-friendly) a creative, unique, and exciting gift that comes from the heart. It’s a healthy selfishness – that feeling of gift giving satisfaction.

My favorite gifts to give are those that have worked for me or made my life BETTER – things that have made me smarter, skinnier, stronger, longer, leaner, less lined or more defined. So, I figured I’d share some of MY gift giving ideas. These are things I’d WANT personally. Things I’ve tried or hope to try. Things I’ve loved and still do.  These are things I’d want to GET this holiday season. Do for others, as you’d want done for you, right?

(1.) First on my list, A Month of Unlimited Yoga from Core Power Yoga Wilshire (or any of their other locations if Wilshire isn’t the best spot for you). When you stop by, pick up a Free Week card if you’re a new student – it’s freeeeeee yogaaaa babaaay. And I’d definitely plan it so that you can take a yoga class while there. What’s a better holiday shopping/face stuffing stress and belly busting activity than HOT YOGA! Check out the class schedule: CPY Wilshire Class Schedule.

(2.) While you’re there can you grab me a new yoga mat? Because I REALLY need one. Just ask my friend Tonya. She rolls her eyes in disgust when I plop next to her before each class slapping down the same mat I’ve had since college. Oooo or maybe one of those skidless yoga thingies is a better solution, so ol’ faithful can still remain a part of my practice. YogiToes Goddess slip-resistant towels give your yoga mat a second, water-resistant skin! I’ve seen people use them and I want one bad. So might the yogi or yogini in your life! Slip and slide is fun for a hot summer afternoon after your 3rd round of margaritas, but not so fun when you’re slinking across the room into the stinky yogi in front of you.

(3) Better yet, for the all-encompassing yogic experience, pick up a CorePower Yoga Holiday Bundle: comes with a standard yoga mat, YogiToes Goddess slip-resistant towel (they’re so cool, I just had to mention’em twice), and choose from a selection of instructional DVDs, all for $88!  Visit the Wilshire studio to pick up your bundle: I recommend this gift for any old or new Yogi! In fact, I’d love one too if you’re feeling generous :)

(4.) Fourth, but definitely not least: Pure Barre! Pure Barre! Pure Barre! Did I mention I love Pure Barre? Next door to CPY Wilshire, is the place where beautiful booties are made. I’ve raved about it before and I’ll rave about it now, nothing shapes the derriere like bellying up to the Barre. With that said, I recommend presenting the FitnessWhore in your life with a Pure Barre Package! If you’re in the LA area and Brentwood, my studio of choice isn’t convenient for you, here’s exciting news: NEW studios have opened just in time for the Holidays. There’s now a Beverly Hills location. There’s now a Hollywood location. Pure Barre bodies are taking over Los Angeles!!!!

(5.) Ever heard of brain games? I hadn’t either, until I stumbled upon Lumosity. These are NOT your little brother’s video games. This site has created comprehensive brain exercises that are PROVEN to improve your memory, reaction time, and ability to get home faster in traffic (Really!). Just 10 minutes a day can help your brain reach its full potential. Right now they’re running a 25% off promo. This is the perfect gift for grandmas, grad students, and grumps (healthier brains equal happier brains).

AND NOW, FitnessWhores and Gentleman, drum roll PLEASE….  I present you with #6!

(6.) Skin Owl Infused Argan Oil! This silky and luxurious Argan Oil is brought to you by your very own Skin Owl. I am honored to know the  Skin Owl herself, Annie Tevelin – she’s equal parts skin expert and girl’s girl! Tired of chemical laden skin products, this Skin Owl searched the world for the highest quality infused Argan oil. From fine line smoothing to skin conditioning to split end mending, it does EVERYTHING. I’ve tried this product on my stubborn sun damaged chest lines (college in Hawaii will do that) and seen change almost overnight. The best part about Skin Owl Argan Oil is that it’s cultivated by a tribe of women in Morocco. Help support woman made products brought to you by woman entrepreneurs! Message the Skin Owl by clicking here: Annie@SkinOwl. Or go straight to the Order Form.

Happy Holidays to Everyone! Three cheers for generosity, happiness, and health in 2012 and beyond! I hope you or yours enjoy the yoga, pure barre, slip free mats, brain games and Skin Owl as much as I do!

5 reasons why I LOVE The Core Power Yoga Wilshire Studio.

About six months ago, Core Power Yoga opened a location next to my regular work-out spot Pure Barre. I remember when I wandered in for the first time – the studio had opened THAT DAY. I was amazed and still am.

Here’s why I ♥ The Core Power Yoga (CPY) Wilshire Studio:

1. GREAT LOCATION! As mentioned, CPY Wilshire is next door neighbors to Pure Barre (PB), my original obsession. At first I was reluctant to “cheat” on PB, but then it hit me: Hot Yoga and PB offer very different things. After all, the key to getting and staying in shape is creating and managing overload. What’s overload? Anything that challenges the body in a new way forcing it to adapt (shed pounds, build muscle, increase flexibility). Anyway, more on overload later, let’s get back to GREAT LOCATION! I work in the valley, but I live by LAX. What does that mean? A looooong tiring commute home every single day. But have no fear! Being next to PB, CPY Wilshire is RIGHT OFF the 405 on the Wilshire  exit, and since it’s counterflow there is NO traffic at rush hour.  Within minutes you can be out of the gridlock and onto the mat! Did I mention there’s plenty of parking to go around? Or that CPY Wilshire is near a bunch of other very useful businesses (think Fedex, Subway, Baja Buds, and of course Pure Barre)? NAMASTE!

2. GORGEOUS STUDIO! This is what got me that first day I wandered in before a PB session. The studio is the perfect mix of functionality (several practice rooms, a boutique, a cozy, but sheik waiting area complete with an inviting fire, and best of all SHOWERS) and style (great lighting, shiny new appliances and zen-like decor)! I’ve always been reluctant to shower at the gym, but not at CPY Wilshire which puts ALL grimy gym locker rooms to shame. The women’s facilities are a mini-spa retreat and make freshening up after a heart pumping sweat dumping yoga session easy and comfortable. From complimentary mouthwash to deodorant to body spray, I wish I were there right NOW basking in the post yoga glow while scrubbing down in preparation for heading back into the world – refreshed and revived!

3. AFFORDABLE! As much as I love my PB, its pricey at $25 a class. While I’m willing to splurge once a week (the booty needs it), I’ve found that CPY Wilshire offers a variety of packages and options affordable for all! Every day there’s a $9 level-1 class. Student discounts are available with valid ID card as well. Because it’s cost-effective AND gets results, I gladly signed on as a monthly member.

4. GREAT SCHEDULE! If I wasn’t forced to work, a slave to maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I would and could do yoga at CPY Wilshire ALL DAY LONG. Today, I hit-up a Core Power Fusion class at 10:30 AM, tomorrow I’ll love every minute of Sculpt class at 5:30. Sculpt is not for the faint of heart – this is truly one of the most challenging (and rewarding) workouts I’ve EVER done. Yoga + Weights + Hot Room = HOLYcrapolly you’re gonna be SEXY. Enter overload – as I mentioned challenging the body is key. No sculpt practice is ever the same.

5. LIFE CHANGING TEACHERS! We can all tell when that 24-Hour Fitness yoga instructor is just not that into it. It really can detract from your practice. At CPY Wilshire I have developed a few girl crushes (Kaleen is beautiful, strong, soothing, AND inspiring) and through excellent instruction I have been able to push my practice farther than I ever thought possible. Each and every instructor is present and well-practiced taking you on a beautiful yogic journey.

For directions and class schedule visit: Core Power Yoga Wilshire

I burned 5 calories writing this post…

And it felt quite lovely, but not nearly as lovely as the run I should’ve gone on after work.


Excuses – they’re everywhere: It’s raining. I don’t feel good. I”m bloated. My butt hurts. Blah, blah and BLAH. Funny how we keep ourselves from what we need most – good food, good rest, and good EXERCISE.

I have never once said: I wish I hadn’t gone on that run. I wish I hadn’t gone to the gym. I wish I hadn’t tried that yoga class. Now, this might be different if I had ever seriously injured myself in the midst of one of these activities; but Luckily I’m injury free (let’s leave my brain out of this, ok?). 9 times out of 10 a good sweat session is the answer, so when in doubt – just move.