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Sugar: The Enemy of Skinny!


You mean that fruit flavored yogurt isn’t good for me? What about that Gatorade? Or that granola bar? Or that cinnamon flavored oatmeal packet? Foods often billed as “healthy” can pack a major sugar rush. Unfortunately, there’s no daily requirement for sugar in the human diet. We just DO NOT NEED IT to survive. In fact, it’s a healthy diet saboteur for sure. While some carbohydrates are necessary to fuel the body you can get all the carbs you need from from fruits and veggies. Next time you have a sweet tooth, skip the lemon meringue yogurt and reach for an apple. 

Another Low-carb diet benefit: Better eggs

More protein for better eggs?

More protein for better eggs?

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) seems to think that a lower carbohydrate, higher protein diet can improve a woman’s egg quality. This certainly bodes well for the gluten-free, higher protein lifestyle that I’ve adopted as of late. Want to read more from the ASRM and why I’m trying to limit my carb consumption to 40% of my diet? Click here. Note that I’ve decided to move all posts about  my personal journey with fertility to that link, my personal author site