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Pure Barre Prenatal DVDs

I’m not pregnant (yet) but I’m counting down the days until the Pure Barre Prenatal DVDs are released.

According to November’s Pure Buzz Both DVDs will be available for purchase by Thanksgiving just in time for holiday shopping!”

As discussed in an earlier post me and my booty are big fans of doing Pure Barre from the comfort of our living room. It’s a convenient alternative to braving traffic when a Pure Barre class is far from home.  Now imagine you’re battling morning sickness and fatigue, that journey may seem even more difficult. Three cheers that Pure Barre will now offer a DVD series especially for pregnant women!

Carrie Rezabek, founder of Pure Barre, proves that staying fit during pregnancy is not only essential to keeping up the mother’s health, but can benefit the baby as well. Just look at Carrie in this picture! She’s expecting her first baby next year. Doesn’t she looks AMAZING?

Pure Barre Videos: A beautiful booty awaits you….

There is one thing I miss about my hour-long commute to the San Fernando Valley from West Los Angeles: Pure Barre. My old job ended at 4:30 which meant I could easily hop off the 405 to attend at 5:15 class. I knew that when I switched employers to work closer to home that I’d be sacrificing regular tuck and lift sessions.  Ah life and its trade-offs! If you live in LA, or anywhere else where traffic patterns are as important to you as having regular bowl movements, you’ll understand. Venturing into traffic after the end of a long day, when I now work 5-minutes from home, would be nuts to say the least. The closest Pure Barre studio is only 8.7 miles from my home. But in LA that equates to 45-minutes of bumper to bumper traffic. When I was single the most important factor in deciding whether I’d date someone was how far away they lived. Silver Lake? Forget about it. Perhaps I’d make some exceptions for the love of my life, Pure Barre, but ONLY on the weekends. What then was I to do during the week?

I did what any Pure Barre enthusiast would do. I bought Pure Barre DVDs! And you should too, if geography or other forces of nature, prevent you from attending classes in person. Here’s why:

1. The videos are taught by Carrie Rezabek herself! You basically get one on one time with the founder of Pure Barre in the comfort of your living room. While nothing beats the real thing, a Pure Barre class in Denver for example with Carrie shouting out your name  “Get those heals higher,”  this is a close second. Wouldn’t you LOVE to attend a class taught by Carrie? I think I’d be almost as excited to meet her as I would to meet Madonna! Blush.

2. The videos will make you feel it, just like the classes. Shaking to go on? Dying to take little breaks during thighs? Tight, worked out muscles for days after? You’ll get it all!

3. Variety. I bought the Pure Barre Collectors Edition 6, which, in addition to 6 DVDS, includes a ball, a ring, and a double tube. My Pure Barre DVD workout strategy? I close my eyes, shuffle up the DVD boxes, and do whatever video I pick blindly. They all kick booty!

Having attended 10+ Pure Barre classes I feel strongly that there are some important things to consider when buying the DVDs. Have you actually attended a class before? Not that this is required, but I must stress that NOTHING beats the hands-on attention you’ll receive in class. Doing the moves correctly is as important as doing them at all! Additionally, the videos ARE shorter, running 35-40 minutes because they exclude the flat back series and floor dancing (at least in the ones I purchased).

Maybe someday someone will open a Pure Barre in MY neighborhood (Me perhaps!). Until then, I am still a loyal Pure Barre enthusiast, who is thrilled with her DVDs. Visit the Pure Barre website to decide which DVD package is right for you. Feel free to email me or comment with any questions. Here’s to a world of better bootys!