Mendocino Farms – Nutritious AND Delicious?

Considering my propensity for obsessive compulsive restaurant patronizing, I felt compelled to reach out to my favorite deli-esque sandwich shop: Mendocino Farms Marina Del Rey. I’ve already visited them twice this week! With that said, I’ve become very curious about the calorie count of my favorite item: The Veggie BLT, made with strip after stip of crunchy veggie bacon… YUM!

In addition to this sandwich, their deli/salad items get me every time. From the Asian insipired Black Rice Tofu Salad to the Curry Orzo, I’m an addict. My inner health nut feels pretty good about these hearty choices, but you never can be too sure until you see it it writing; See my email to Mendocino Farms below:

“Hello fantastical Mendocino Farms Team!

 I have been passionately enjoying Mendocino Farms’ Marina Del Rey location since it opened. Due to my hectic schedule, document specialist by day for a beverage manufacturing company and law student by night, I’ve found  myself stopping at Mendocino Farms several times per week before class. My favorite: Your Veggie BLT – NO onions. I’m OBSESSED. I’ve already had 2 this week alone!

 More Recently, I’ve taken to picking up sides for lunches and snacks. As a matter of fact, I just gobbled up a small side of your Asian inspired black rice tofu salad. MMMMMMMM! However, being the active and health conscious (visit person that I am, I’m hoping you can provide me with some Nutrition Facts, sandwiches and sides included!

 Thank you so much for providing a bevy of DELICIOUS non-meat options.

 A very happy Vegetarian,

Steph Mignon”


  1. Stephanie

    Did you receive a response from Mendo? I’ve wondered the same thing about their selections. It would be great if they provided nutrition information.

    I’m glad you asked!

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