Delicious Blog – 100 Days of Real Food

Articles and blogs on fitness and nutrition always catch my eye (duh). One in particular reeled me in. I am now a willing fish, ready to bite real food made by real people!

100 Days of Real Food showcases a family of four and their quest to kick processed foods out of their diet. Sounds like the work of a stay at home mom, right? Right. Though the blog’s popularity probably makes for one busy lady (I post rarely, this woman posts more than daily)! Luckily, the author is just as real as the food she prepares.

In her post Day 7: Break From The Kitchen she shares: “Last night a friend of mine asked me if I am having to cook a lot…and the answer to that is YES. I feel like I am running my dishwasher at least two times a day (it used to be only once a day), but some days I do manage to get more of a break from the kitchen than others.” I thank Lisa for not-glamorizing the difficult task of preparing and cooking and cleaning. That alone is a daunting task. Throw in some very strict rules and you have just created a challenge only Super Woman could handle.

The moral of the story, eating real food is a full-time job! However, Lisa has been nice enough to share a meal plan with those brave enough to prepare every single using unprocessed ingredients. Check it out by liking her Facebook page.

While Lisa’s method is unrealistic for my current life style (work, school, AHHHH!) I’ve discovered some delicious and surprisingly quick tips in her plan. The egg salad, for example, sounds DELISH!

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