5 reasons why I LOVE The Core Power Yoga Wilshire Studio.

About six months ago, Core Power Yoga opened a location next to my regular work-out spot Pure Barre. I remember when I wandered in for the first time – the studio had opened THAT DAY. I was amazed and still am.

Here’s why I ♥ The Core Power Yoga (CPY) Wilshire Studio:

1. GREAT LOCATION! As mentioned, CPY Wilshire is next door neighbors to Pure Barre (PB), my original obsession. At first I was reluctant to “cheat” on PB, but then it hit me: Hot Yoga and PB offer very different things. After all, the key to getting and staying in shape is creating and managing overload. What’s overload? Anything that challenges the body in a new way forcing it to adapt (shed pounds, build muscle, increase flexibility). Anyway, more on overload later, let’s get back to GREAT LOCATION! I work in the valley, but I live by LAX. What does that mean? A looooong tiring commute home every single day. But have no fear! Being next to PB, CPY Wilshire is RIGHT OFF the 405 on the Wilshire  exit, and since it’s counterflow there is NO traffic at rush hour.  Within minutes you can be out of the gridlock and onto the mat! Did I mention there’s plenty of parking to go around? Or that CPY Wilshire is near a bunch of other very useful businesses (think Fedex, Subway, Baja Buds, and of course Pure Barre)? NAMASTE!

2. GORGEOUS STUDIO! This is what got me that first day I wandered in before a PB session. The studio is the perfect mix of functionality (several practice rooms, a boutique, a cozy, but sheik waiting area complete with an inviting fire, and best of all SHOWERS) and style (great lighting, shiny new appliances and zen-like decor)! I’ve always been reluctant to shower at the gym, but not at CPY Wilshire which puts ALL grimy gym locker rooms to shame. The women’s facilities are a mini-spa retreat and make freshening up after a heart pumping sweat dumping yoga session easy and comfortable. From complimentary mouthwash to deodorant to body spray, I wish I were there right NOW basking in the post yoga glow while scrubbing down in preparation for heading back into the world – refreshed and revived!

3. AFFORDABLE! As much as I love my PB, its pricey at $25 a class. While I’m willing to splurge once a week (the booty needs it), I’ve found that CPY Wilshire offers a variety of packages and options affordable for all! Every day there’s a $9 level-1 class. Student discounts are available with valid ID card as well. Because it’s cost-effective AND gets results, I gladly signed on as a monthly member.

4. GREAT SCHEDULE! If I wasn’t forced to work, a slave to maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I would and could do yoga at CPY Wilshire ALL DAY LONG. Today, I hit-up a Core Power Fusion class at 10:30 AM, tomorrow I’ll love every minute of Sculpt class at 5:30. Sculpt is not for the faint of heart – this is truly one of the most challenging (and rewarding) workouts I’ve EVER done. Yoga + Weights + Hot Room = HOLYcrapolly you’re gonna be SEXY. Enter overload – as I mentioned challenging the body is key. No sculpt practice is ever the same.

5. LIFE CHANGING TEACHERS! We can all tell when that 24-Hour Fitness yoga instructor is just not that into it. It really can detract from your practice. At CPY Wilshire I have developed a few girl crushes (Kaleen is beautiful, strong, soothing, AND inspiring) and through excellent instruction I have been able to push my practice farther than I ever thought possible. Each and every instructor is present and well-practiced taking you on a beautiful yogic journey.

For directions and class schedule visit: Core Power Yoga Wilshire

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