Pure Barre Prenatal DVDs

I’m not pregnant (yet) but I’m counting down the days until the Pure Barre Prenatal DVDs are released.

According to November’s Pure Buzz Both DVDs will be available for purchase by Thanksgiving just in time for holiday shopping!”

As discussed in an earlier post me and my booty are big fans of doing Pure Barre from the comfort of our living room. It’s a convenient alternative to braving traffic when a Pure Barre class is far from home.  Now imagine you’re battling morning sickness and fatigue, that journey may seem even more difficult. Three cheers that Pure Barre will now offer a DVD series especially for pregnant women!

Carrie Rezabek, founder of Pure Barre, proves that staying fit during pregnancy is not only essential to keeping up the mother’s health, but can benefit the baby as well. Just look at Carrie in this picture! She’s expecting her first baby next year. Doesn’t she looks AMAZING?


  1. Ashley

    I discovered Pure Barre a few months ago and I was instantly hooked. Unfortunately, it is no longer cost efficient for me to pay for group classes, so I was checking out the pure barre site for dvds. I saw the prenatal dvds too and my husband and I are starting our ttc journey this month. We’ll see how long it actually takes to happen, but i’m ordering these dvds for when that time comes. Glad to know there’s other solo Pure Barristas out there! Gives me hope for doing the dvds at home.

    • Steph Mignon

      Hi Ashley! Good luck on your ttc journey. I’m actually documenting mine on this blog! With surgery coming up and a round of IVF to follow, I never thought, considering how healthy and active I am, that this would be the course. But, despite the challenges, barre workouts combined with cardio are helping me feel better than ever! Tackling nutrition is my next obstacles (I’m a carb addict). Cheers to a beautiful, healthy, and fit fertility journey for you and your husband :) Keep me posted!

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