Pop Physique: Hurts So Good

I just sneezed. It was painful. My ribs ached sharply against the “Achooo” reminding me that yesterday I braved the Barre like never before: I tried Pop Physique. My abs and arms are the first to feel it, but the good hurt in my hips and thighs is creeping in like a 6th grade crush. At first you hate that boy who sits behind you, then suddenly you’re madly in love with him.

Pop Physique is my new fitness crush and here’s why.

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  1. Hey! If you had to choose, do you like Pop or Pure Barre better? I’m a PB veteran, but have been hearing that the PP music choices are more closely aligned with my own, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m hoping it’s just as hard as PB! Thanks,


    • Steph Mignon

      Are you really going to make me choose!? Ahhhh! So hard to do. I love them all for similar AND different reasons! Though I haven’t been to a pure barre class in months, since PP & Dailey Method are so close to home, I can say that I just attended a PP class this morning. It’s quite challenging for sure and the music IS a lot of fun. However, I believe that PB has more seat sets (though PP’s thighs are killer) which is something I really like about PB. I’d also recommend The Dailey Method if you have one in your area…excellent emphasis on proper alignment and less tuck focus.

  2. Nancy

    Hi! Can u do a comparison for The Dailey Method and Pop Physique? Which is better? I’ve been going to TDM for 6 months now, but I just discovered there’s a Pop Physique near my home. Thanks in advance.

    • Steph Mignon

      They’re both great for different reasons. TDM is better for back health, but Pop will kick your ass in ways TDM won’t. I would definitely take advantage of Pop’s new client special.

  3. JC

    Thank you for this post. Not to be too redundant here but I have a specific question regarding Pop Physique vs. Pure Barre. I have tried Pure Barre and thought it was a killer workout but I only did it once. I have a month to tone up for a big trip. I want to focus on my lower body (thighs and glutes). I don’t mind slimming in the thighs but would like to keep the volume of my butt and just focus on toning. My arms are always easy to tone, no matter what the work out. My upper abs have great definition but my lower abs are always a weak spot. Both PP and PB are walking distance from my apartment. Where should I go?!

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