Hot Man = Motivation To Move


There are times when the inner desire to be fit and fabulous just doesn’t burn hot enough. You’re complacently jogging along at 5.0 when Hotty McHotterson jumps on next to you. Before you know it, you’re alternating between 6.0 and 7.5 like you’re trapped in a Nike commercial. While it’s totally awesome to let self-love motivate you to change, to exercise, and to adopt a healthy diet, there’s nothing wrong with a little external motivation. Whether it’s the girl with amazing buns next to you at the barre or the Daniel Craig look-alike racing you on the treadmill, find that inspiration wherever and whenever you can! Here’s to igniting the desire to go harder, faster and farther, even if you’re not the one that struck the first match.

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  1. Hilarious, but true! 😉

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