17 Healthy Ways to SHOW Your Love!

When it comes to love: Show don't tell!

When it comes to love: Show don’t tell!

I have a confession: I didn’t plan anything for Valentine’s Day. And neither did my hubby. We’re the annoying couple that exclaims, “We celebrate love 365 days a year!” But it’s true. For us it’s about the little gestures, the everyday actions that we use to SHOW one another, in healthy ways, what love means. And this goes for friends and other family members too. There’s no need to reserve your affection for a significant other. Because you can’t use love up! There’s plenty of it to go around. With that said, here are 17 healthy ways to show your love for the fitness and health enthusiast in your life.

1. Peel a cutie.

Why does a mandarin orange taste so much better when someone ELSE has peeled it? Add this to life’s great mysteries.

Cutie Heart

2. Slice an apple.

And pair it with a dollop of almond butter. Your love with be impressed by this healthy snack!

3. Pick out the _____ from a veggie medley.

My hubby abhors water chestnut so I take a few extra minutes to pick them out of any Asian style vegetable medley I’m preparing. With a big smile on his face, he notices it every time.

4. Get up a little extra early to make a protein smoothy (love yourself too and make enough for both of you!).

5. Make Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Oat Meal Cookies.

Wrap up a bunch, then hide them in your love’s briefcase, backpack, or computer bag.

6. Make a Joy Jar.

Fill  a container (I typically use a glass jar) with folded up notes of the things you appreciate about them. Don’t be afraid to get graphic! Who doesn’t like to be praised for that booty they work so hard on. Intersperse inspiring and motivational quotes so that they can pull from the jar anytime they’re not in the mood to go to the gym, go for a run, or pop in a workout DVD.

7. Rub the heck out of some feet.

Those feet are what push them higher at the barre and faster on the treadmill. Try Skin Owl’s Argan Infusion to soften tough dry skin. BUT unless you’re a skilled masseuse by trade or have a touchy feely relationship with your buddy, this might not fly with the platonic lovers in your life. Key word: might. I will gladly accept a foot rub from any willing foot rubber.

8. Pick up a pack of new ankle athletic socks as a surprise gift.

Next time you’re at any department store (even Target!), mosey on over to the hosiery aisle. Find some bright, silly, and fun socks that will make your love smile every time they pull’em on. There’s nothing like fresh new socks for hard working feet. Years ago one of my best friends bought me a pair of fancy Nike socks… to this day I think of her every time I wear them!

color cheetah

9. Buy that local deal.

Groupon, Living Social, and Bloomspot are overflowing with awesome fitness deals. Snag that one for the nearby yoga or barre studio you KNOW they’ve been dying to try. Print out the coupon, roll it into a scroll, and tie it with a ribbon or string.

10. Go grocery shopping.

Bring a bag of organic farmer’s market produce home and cook up a healthy feast. Even if you’re not the world’s best cook, they’ll appreciate the effort. Trust me.

11. Offer to join them at their favorite barre studio.

Pay for that day’s class (hint hint hubby). Should he read this post and like to attend a class with me, there’s a spot in tomorrow’s Dailey Method Class with his name on it! Ladies if your man is a Cross Fit fanatic, join him. Gents if your woman is into cycling, saddle up. Working out with a partner is your fitness kitty’s catnip.

12. Make a dance cardio playlist.

Because Tracy Anderson’s music can motivate a person for only so long.

13. Create an in-home gym, even if just for an hour.

Move all the furniture out of the way, have their favorite barre DVD qued up, then get the dogs or kids out of their hair. Providing an entire hour of chaos free fitness at home is a priceless gift for your fitness prince or princess.

14. Show the workout of YOUR choice.

They’ll be thrilled that you are trying to  love fitness almost as much as they do. They’ll be thrilled that you’re taking your health seriously!

15. Get a subscription to ANY fitness magazine.

Shape. Women’s Health. Self. These are just a few of the many awesome fitness mag’s they’d LOVE to have delivered to their mail box.

16. Run a bath full of Epsom salt.

Soar muscles after some brutal circuit training, for example, can benefit from a hot bath full of Epsom salt. Athletes and dancers do it. FitnessWhore’s definitely do it. Tell’em that you appreciate how hard they work, with a fresh, hot tub just for them! But like the foot rub above, this one might best be reserved for romantic partners. Friends of mine reading this, don’t be shy. I’d love to have a gossip sesh from my bathtub.

17. Send any and all cool health and fitness related articles you find while browsing the internet.

They’ll know you’re on their mind. They’ll know you pay attention to what matters to them. They’ll be glad you associate them with healthy and fit living. It takes mere seconds to “share” a blog, blurb, or article, but the goodwill lasts much longer.

The ways to show a FitnessWhore that they’re appreciated go far beyond this simple list. I know you’re dying to share your ideas with me! How do your actions speak louder than words in showing the love?


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