Blogging for Endometriosis 2013

I am a wife, dog mommy, fitness lover, health and wellness enthusiast, and I also suffer from the chronic illness endometriosis!

With a whole world of socially conscious and vibrantly vigilant endo sisters out there spreading the word through their posts, tweets, and blogs I’ve learned that March is Endometriosis Awareness month. I’ll be participating here with bloggers like A New Kind of Normal to share my endo story and will include fitness, diet, and wellness solutions that have worked for me. In the past year I’ve learned SO much about this illness and just experienced my first cycle almost pain-free! I can’t wait to share with you how I did it. I’ll be doing so on my author site. Read more here.

If you too want to participate, here’s an idea for topics by week:

Week of March 5th: Physical impact that endometriosis has had on your life

Week of March 12th: Mental impact that endo has had on your life.

Week of March 19th: Fertility issues (if any) related to endo

Week of March 26th: Things that you have found helpful with endo or that have allow you to cope in spite of illness

Cheers to a productive, powerful, and prolific Endo Awareness Month!



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