Farm Fresh to You: The coolest thing EVER!

Organic, Local, FARM FRESH produce delivered to your doorstep!

Organic, Local, FARM FRESH produce delivered to your doorstep!

I knew it was time to do something when I opened my fridge today in search of a snack. My veggie drawer stared up at me empty and alone, no fruits and veggies to keep it company. Unfortunately, my closest farmer’s market isn’t until Saturday and our weekend schedule is already packed full with yoga, acupuncture and dog grooming (just your average American couple!).

Enter Farm Fresh To You, a service that makes getting your fruits and veggies easy! You select what you want, when you want it and a box of organic and local produce shows up on your doorstep. Exciting, right?!

My friend the Skin Owl has been raving about how easy juicing is because of her weekly produce deliveries. I’ll be cooking up some of her famous Glow Juice in no time now that I’ve jumped on the CSA box bandwagon (Community Supported Agriculture). According to the Skin Owl, I also can expect a wild variety of veggies to arrive forcing me out of my butter lettuce salad, spinach omelet routine. Cheers to a colorful plate bursting with nutrient dense, LOCAL, ORGANIC, and FARM FRESH fabulousness!

How do you make sure your fridge and fruit bowl are stocked full of healthy snacks all week-long?

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  1. Annie Tevelin

    This is so inspiring! Enjoy it all! It is the best bang for your buck this town’s got. And keeps things interesting, which is ALWAYS a necessity when it comes to food. Great article!

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