The Brighton Method: The Secret to Having an Extraordinary Child

Do you know what it takes to have an extraordinary baby in a toxic world?

Do you know what it takes to have an extraordinary baby in a toxic world?

Is there a secret to having a healthy, happy child, free from autism, birth defects, and other problems? Is there a way to optimize your body and mind for ultimate fertility?

The Brighton Method, developed by Dr. Roy Dittman, claims to have these answers and more. He’s combined years of research and experience in the new book Brighton Baby: A Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child – The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception.

As a woman who struggles with endometriosis and is always looking for ways to improve my health and enhance my fertility, I was lucky enough speak to Dr. Dittman about his expertise and fascinating new book Brighton Baby.

Who is Dr. Dittman?

Since earning his doctorate in Oriental Medicine and his masters in Herbology, Dr. Dittmann served as Official Team Doctor in the Olympics, and was featured in a “Doctor to the Stars” article in Vogue magazine in 1997. As early as the late-1980s, Dr. Dittmann forewarned health professionals and the public that our existing diet and lifestyle trends would lead to an exponential rise in autism, ADD, birth defects, and infertility. He is committed to educating couples on how to protect their future children’s destiny.

What was the inspiration for The Brighton Method? Tell how your background let you to developing it?

Dr. Dittmann explained that the inspiration to pursue a career helping women and families achieve better pre and postnatal health occurred when he was a child. Around age ten, he accompanied his father to protest conditions for agricultural farm workers in California. While doing so they came across a shack that housed various people and children who were grossly deformed, very possibly due to their exposure to pesticides. This had a deep emotional impact on him and in that moment he decided to pursue a career in the perinatal arts and sciences. I asked him what perinatal means and he explained that it’s the period of life from one year prior to conception and several years after. He eloquently elaborated, “We can call it science all we want, but it’s just as much an art and a gift.” Furthermore, he said that science, including all of the studies and research we now have access to because of the internet, can be very abstract, so Dr. Dittmann has made it his life’s work to hone that research into practical science.

“There’s a disconnect with the public because the mass media spins the information in a way that isn’t accurate and most studies are on mice in sterile environments studying one isolated ingredient. The majority of the studies being cited in articles about health are not realistically applicable to our situation as human beings.”

He used the example of a study of lead toxicity and exposure to heavy metals on mice. Expose 100 rats to one type of heavy metal in the study and only one mouse out of 100 might die. Expose the same group of 100 rats  to two or more heavy metals, and all 100 mice die. These heavy metals create a compounding effect. As a result, birth defects, both obvious and subtle, are increasing. But yet, it took years for the U.S. government to crack down on lead sources. Luckily, lead toxicity has improved because of improved manufacturing methods and stringent regulations, but it and other heavy metals are still cause for concern.

Dr. Dittmann explained that the majority of the human brain and character is formed during conception and gestation, and then by a child’s first birthday almost 90 percent is complete. In today’s toxic world, there are too many opportunities for the brain’s delicate development to be disrupted. “We are exposed to lots of toxins due to industrialization and these toxins and heavy metals and radiation are ending up in our food supply. They are much worse for a developing embryo or fetus than they are for adults.” It’s his goal through Brighton Baby to educate parents to be how they can combat these environmental stressors, while also addressing genetic propensities.  He emphasized that he expects women to be most receptive to the information in his book, but that it’s equally important for the male partner to take proactive steps to protect his sperm from damage. As a result, he hopes that by educating women they’ll share this information with others, most importantly their future child’s father, so that both people work together as partners in health.

I read that you had a son with autism, but that you were able to eliminate or improve his symptoms. Can you elaborate?

Dr. Dittmann explained that his son is now 20 years old. When his wife was pregnant, Dr. Dittmann had just learned about the devastating effects of heavy metals. He tested his wife when she was 8 months pregnant.. The test revealed high levels of aluminum and other heavy metals. This really made an impact on him. He believes that because he caught this heavy metal toxicity early and had most of the metals out of his wife and son’s system early on, he may have prevented his son from developing full blown autism. Instead, his son was diagnosed with Asperger’s and sensory integration disorder. Sensory integration “is the neurological process that organizes sensation from one’s own body and the environment, thus making it possible to use the body effectively within the environment.”  Even as a perinatal specialist, this discovery opened up Dr. Dittmann’s eyes to the powerful effect of toxins on the developing fetus.

What are some of the factors that negatively impact a woman’s reproductive health and her chances of conceiving a healthy child?

As mentioned above, Dr. Dittmann feels strongly that parents be screened for heavy metals. Even if you’re not ready to have a baby, it’s good to know now if you have heavy metal toxicity so that you can begin taking steps to cleanse your system. The program in Brighton Baby can help you do so. So, how does one get tested for heavy metal toxicity? The most effective and economical method Dr. Dittmann recommends is hair mineral analysis. He emphasized the need to utilize a trained clinician to interpret the results. Additionally, Dr. Dittmann works with couples who want him to develop the ultimate plan for them according to their unique profile. After 30 years of work in the perinatal field, his patient’s (when they strictly follow his program) do not have morning sickness, caesarians, preeclampsia and many of the other conditions that accompany gestation and child birth. If people follow his program before and during conception, he believes that together they can greatly minimize overt and subtle birth defects. Following The Brighton Method, the method set forth in Brighton Baby, provides couples with a roadmap to having an extraordinary child. For couples that want to take the method to the next level, Dr. Dittmann is teaching a 7-week webinar series and training health professionals in The Brighton Method.  It has been his experience that almost every child born today has some kind of birth defect, whether it’s a learning delay or allergies. Optimizing perinatal health can make all the difference.

 You mention that improving sperm health is of the utmost importance to healthy conception, what’s one way couples can do that?

Dr. Dittmann said that there’s a way of clearing the prostate of infection, inflammation and congestion  using herbs and a special prostate health diet. He also recommends reproductive massage. Various helpful foods and herbs are recommended in his book. Additionally, he recommends increasing consumption of DHA and liposomal glutathione through high quality supplements. With its anti-inflammatory properties, glutathione is considered a “key antioxidant” in the functioning of cells and protects the sperm cells from damage.  DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is a primary structural component of sperm. Since our diet has become deficient in DHA, sperm counts have been dropping. Dr. Dittmann also emphasized the importance of eliminating heavy metals, which is of course covered in Brighton Baby.

 What are the top lifestyle changes you recommend for women hoping to get pregnant in the next year?

Dr. Dittmann recommends the following exercises to prepare the woman’s body for pregnancy:

  1. Strengthen the core and pelvic floor to bring circulation into the reproductive area. Kegel exercises that you can do on your own, coupled with Ashtanga yoga and Pilates (including my beloved barre classes!) are excellent options.
  2. Strengthen leg muscles using trampolines, squats, and weighted exercises.
  3. Focus on maintaining a well-rounded fitness program that includes both cardio and strength training.

In addition to this fitness advice, Brighton Baby includes information about herbs, acupuncture, and manipulation strategies to improve a woman’s cycle and prepare her body for pregnancy. Dr. Dittmann further emphasizes the importance of probiotics to strengthen the immune system and includes a detailed plan in the book.

 March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. As you know, this condition can cause subfertility which is something that I and many have struggled with. What are some things you can recommend for people struggling with this condition?

Dr. Dittmann covers endometriosis in Brighton Baby as it is one of the many conditions that can interfere with conception and a healthy pregnancy. Endometriosis, he says, is often caused by chronic inflammation triggered by hidden irritants from both the diet and environment. He goes into great detail about feminine hygiene and keeping the vaginal flora healthy and free from pathogens. He asks that even if women don’t have these problems that they be proactive in preventing them. The use of suppositories, such as micellized vitamin A, can help deliver special nutrition to the cervix. In Brighton Baby he also discusses the need for prebiotics to feed your vaginal and gut probiotics so as to further empower the immune system thereby improving diseases like endometriosis. He also strongly recommends an organic diet, as pesticides are estrogenic and therefore exacerbate estrogen dependent disorders like endometriosis.

What types of things can couples hope to gain by reading your book Brighton Baby?

Dr. Dittmann has so much confidence in The Brighton Method that he asserts that if both mother and father do The Brighton Method together for at one least year prior to conception that their child will be free from birth defects, unless there is an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed separately. Not only that, but they will have an extraordinarily healthy child. Doctors, nurses, and other professionals have seen the difference in babies born from this method.

In the coming weeks, I will read and review Brighton Baby. To purchase your own copy or to sign up for a free webinar with Dr. Dittmann click here.