What does it REALLY take to become a Pure Barre Instructor?

Marni Chaikin 186

If you’re like me, you’ve pondered this question as a svelte, strong, and sexy woman ala Marni Chaikin, a Pure Barre instructor and franchise owner in Los Angeles, California, has led you through an intense, butt kicking class. You’ve wondered, do I have the stuff gorgeous Pure Barre instructors are made of? Could I really leave my desk booty behind and lead others, just like me, through 55-minutes of lifting, toning, and burning? The short answer, yes you can! For the longer answer, Marni was nice enough to share what she looks for in future instructors and how many classes she recommends for those hoping to turn their Pure Barre dreams into a reality. Read the rest of the blog here, on my personal site!




  1. I’m not sure what the big secret is about, when it comes to salary, pay per class or other compensation. My friend is a Pure Barre instructor\teacher and is paid $23 dollars per class as a 1099.This means that if you teach 4 classes per week, you will bring home less than $100 per week. Factoring in that the classes are constantly changing, she has to study for a couple of hours before each class just to learn the new choreography. The class schedule is also crazy. She works early mornings and almost every weekend.So do the math here: $23 divided by 3 hours (not including drive time, fuel cost, client sign in time and lost time with loved ones), she makes far less than minimum wage. Keep in mind, that If you choose this path, make sure you some additional way to support yourself. Try living on <$400 per month in the real world. IMHO, unless you are doing this for some emotional reward, it doesn't pay enough to bother. I thought about becoming an instructor but I can't live on what they pay not to mention the stress generated by constantly having to study on my own time and money. Being an owner seems to pay much better though. Last time I checked the monthly membership rates are around $120! 500 students times $120 equals $60,000 per month or $720,000 annually! That said, they should be able to pay their teachers a little better. Salute!

    • Steph Mignon

      Omg this is brilliant info! Sorry I’m only now reply… Sounds like you know your stuff. And I agree opening a studio is the way to go! Let’s do it!

  2. Nelly Ann García

    I have never taken a pure barre class,since in Puerto Rico it is not available yet.Maybe you would consider bringing a franchise here. I am interested in teaching pure barre classes.

  3. I was curious the cost to become verified as a pure barre instructor? I’m wanting to give this as a gift to my wife.

    • Steph Mignon

      You’re a great husband! Unfortunately, however, you can’t buy becoming an instructor; to do so, one must audition and be chosen by the owner of a studio. OR, you can open a studio yourself. I would visit purebarre.com for more information!

  4. kristie

    What is the cost to be trained to teach? Do I pay for that?

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